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Madison County, Indiana

April 1, 2011 Courthouse Time
Beginning 9:00 AM

Pursuant to the laws of the Indiana General Assembly and by resolution of the Madison County Commissioners, notice is
hereby given that property is listed for sale for delinquent taxes and / or special assessments.
The minimum sale price listed below is less than the minimum sale price when offered under IC 6-1.1-24-5(e) and includes all
fees and expenses of the county directly attributable to the certificate sale. The Madison County Commissioners will accept
bids by public auction on the internet at www.sri-taxsale.com beginning on April 1, 2011 at 9:00 AM. The auction will
close at 8:00 AM on April 11, 2011.
The person redeeming the property must pay the amount of the minimum bid under section IC 6-1.1-24-5(e) for which the tract
or item of real property was last offered for sale, plus ten percent (10%) of the amount for which the certificate is sold at the
certificate sale, plus all taxes and special assessments on the tract or item of real property paid by the purchaser after the sale
of the certificate plus interest at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annum on the amount of taxes and special assessments
paid by the purchaser on the redeemed property, plus attorney fees and costs of giving notice under IC 6-1.1-25-4.5 and the
costs of a title search or abstract examination for the real property. If the property sells for more than the amount shown on the
Commissioners' Tax Sale Certificate and the property is not redeemed, the owner of record who was divested of ownership may
have a right to the Commissioner Certificate Sale Surplus.
Indiana law prohibits a person who owes delinquent taxes, special assessments, penalties, interest, or costs directly
attributable to a prior tax sale, from purchasing tracts or items of real property at a tax sale. Prior to bidding at a tax sale, each
bidder must affirm under the penalties for perjury that he or she does not owe delinquent taxes, special assessments,
penalties, interest, costs directly attributable to a prior tax sale, amounts from a final adjudication in favor of a political
subdivision in this county, any civil penalties imposed for the violation of a building code or ordinance of this county, or any civil
penalties imposed by a health department in this county. Further, each bidder must acknowledge that any successful bid made
in violation of the above statement is subject to forfeiture. In the event of forfeiture, the bid amount shall be applied to the
delinquent taxes, special assessments, penalties, interest, costs, judgments, or civil penalties of the ineligible bidder, and a
certificate will be issued to the county executive.
This notice of real property tax certificate sale, and the tax certificate sale itself are undertaken and will be conducted pursuant
to the requirements of the laws of the State of Indiana which regulates the sale of liens for delinquent taxes,
pursuant to IC. 6-1.1-24-1 et seq.

Kathy Stoops-Wright, Auditor, Madison County Indiana.

Google Map of Tax Sale Properties:


Zoom in, pan and click on markers to open pop up box with bid amount, address and parcel number

Click here for larger map in a new window

Click here for a more detailed map

*Special thanks to Bryan Preston, BSU Geography Graduate Student and Kyle Johnson, Delaware County GIS coordinator for sharing the idea of using Google Fusion Tables to create an easy to use map application!


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